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Qualitative Tracking with Young Disabled People in European States (Quali-TYDES)

The purpose of the Quali-TYDES project is to investigate and explain how new developments in global, European, national/local policies are impacting on the lives of young disabled adults in several European countries. By combining qualitative longitudinal methods (life stories) with critical policy analysis, the project aims to generate policy-relevant knowledge that is grounded in the experiences and aspirations of young disabled people themselves. Using these methods, the study aims to generate a comparative understanding of national policy regimes in relation to disability, family, work and welfare. As a consequence, the project also aims to investigate the potential for using qualitative case study methods to assist in monitoring states' implementation of international policy obligations, such as those arising from the United Nations and European Union.

Funded by: European Science Foundation (ESF),  Eurocores - ECRP V
Project Number: 09-ECRP-032
2010 - 2015

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